Car Show Instructions:

These event listings run like our classifieds. Please read the following steps carefully to get you show listed properly.

Step 1:
- Click "Add Car Show Button"

Step 2: Ad Type
- Click Car Shows and Events > then continue

Step 3: Ad Placement
- Choose Local or Network Ad

Step 3: New Account Form
- New user? Choose Sign-Up. Fill in required fields.
- Previous user? Type Login and Password

Step 4: Post Ad: Entry Form
- Selling an Item > Choose "I'm not Selling and Item"
- Fill in the Description
- Destination: Enter the description of Car Show > When, Where, Cost, and any pictures

Example Listing: (copy this)
Car Show Name:
Type of Show:
Entry Fees:
Contact Person(s):
Contact E-Mail:
Contact Phone:
Additional info:
Car Show Homepage: (html accepted)

- Enter the Ad's Location
(it's FREE unless you want your listing to stand out)
- Click Continue
- Choose any Ad Enhancements or leave as is for FREE ad
- Confirmation - Review

Step 5: You're Done!
- Check your listing!
- You may want to edit your listing and add a picture of your logo to it!

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